Rapid and High accuracy
Ideal panel bender which is able to process in high performance



KMP25FT/30FT is a flexible panel bender driven by AC servo motor. A specification for products with thickness of 3.2mm makes products of thick sheet can be bended stably. Another specification for max flange height of 350mm makes our machine to bend variety of products.



    Since the maximum bending size is 4 x 8 or 5 x 10, the applicable processing range is flexible.


    Be able to perform varies of special processing, such as R-bending, hemming, closing, part-bending and so on.


    All-axis AC servo motor driven makes bending processing in high precision and high performance reality.


    All axes are driven by AC servo motor but not hydraulic, which is energy saving and could decrease a large amount of production cost.

  • EASY

    Self-developed program, simple operation on touch panel


    Varies of options and special machinery, such as automatic top-die change device and automatic crowning device, are provided to set with transport device and so on for automation.

General Specifications

KMP25FT Applicable work size : ~2500mm
KMP30FT Applicable work size : ~3050mm
Applicable material : SPCC max2.3t / (Specification of 3.2 is also provided.) SUS430 max1.5t / (Specification of 2.0 is also provided.)

Bending Sample

The samples above are only a part of our applicable bending shapes.
Information about special bending shapes, please contact us for detail discussion.
Please feel free to contact us.

  • * Custom-made machine service for your expected specification is also provided.
  • * It is subject to change the content and dimensions of specifications for machine improvement without any inform.
  • If there is any unclear about our products, please contact us.
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