Inline Press Machine

This line press machine quickly and accurately punches holes in sheet metal.

General Specifications

Press equipment : 2 machines (Number of dies : 6)
Material/Steel thickness : SPCCt 0.5 to 2.3mm
Max. press diameter Max. φ30
Handled material size : Max. 1514 x 2438mm

Under High-speed shearing machine (for processing aluminum)

This is a new type of shearing Machine developed for non-ferrous metals.

Main Functions & Features

  • The cutter is below the path line to provide excellent safety.
  • The strong spindle makes possible a beautiful sheared surface.
  • The compact design places the functional components inside a box frame.

General Specifications

Table size : Width 690mm × depth 456mm
Material: for non-ferrous materials (for processing aluminum)
Cutting capacity: Height 120mm × width 200mm, height 50mm × width 365mm

NC Sizing Table (for processing aluminum)

This table has NC sizing stoppers developed for cutting long materials.

Main Functions & Features

  • Sizing Stoppers can perform high-speed positioning automatically by operating the numeric keys on the control panel.
  • Cutting is accurately performed as the position is digitally displayed in 0.1mm unit.

General Specifications

Table size : Length 4300mm (for 4M specification model), Width : 350mm, Stroke : 3700mm
Positioning accuracy : ±0.1mm

Roller Grinder

This is a special grinder that was developed for use in peripheral precision positioning for the windup rollers and other parts used in office equipment.

General Specifications

Grindstone dimensions : Outside φ355~255mm
Spindle : Spindle 5.5kw
Handled work : Max. φ50~2mm、Max. length 400mm

Angle Automatic Hole Drilling Machine

The non-ferrous L-shaped material is automatically feed one piece at a time while holes are drilled in both the vertical and horizontal direction. After processing, the work pieces are horizontally transported on a conveyor and stocked.

General Specifications

Processing length : Max. 4000mm
Handled work : Non-ferrous materials
Hole pitch : 185 to 450mm
Drill motor : 0.2 x 2P

  • * Custom-made machine service for your expected specification is also provided.
  • * It is subject to change the content and dimensions of specifications for machine improvement without any inform.
  • If there is any unclear about our products, please contact us.
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