Privacy Policy

Kyowa Machine considers itself as corporate to be important to recognize the importance of management of the personal information gathered from customers as a result of the business activities.
Kyowa Machine determine the below personal information protection direction, and both the directors and staffs will be bound to protect these personal information.

1.Definition of Personal Information

Kyowa Machine may collect the information, such as name, mailing address, email address, and phone number, you provide for recognition as “Personal Information” and would manage them strictly.

2.Collection of Personal Information

Kyowa Machine, in order to provide services to the customers, will be required to collect personal information from the customer. We will specify the purpose of use of the collection otherwise requested under the applicable laws.

3.The use of Personal Information

Kyowa Machine has set the purpose of use of personal information as below. In additional, if there is a need to collect information beyond the below purposes, we will be contacting the customers in advance.

  • (1)Providing and introducing information of our products and services which we are providing to;
  • (2)Providing and delivery catalog and materials of our products;
  • (3)Investigation and analysis of the questionnaire for product planning, development and selling;
  • (4)Contacting due to business in relation to our products and services which the customers purchase;
  • (5)Other purposes which the customers agreed with the purpose beforehand.

4.Safety Management of Personal Information

We specify rules for the protection of personal information, and conduct the necessary and appropriate supervision of employees so as to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information and otherwise perform the safe management thereof.

5.Strictly Observance of Contract

When delegating third parties to handle some or all personal information, we concludes confidentiality agreements and other agreements with the delegated parties and requests consent to the terms and agreements thereof so as to safely mange personal information.

6.Providing Information to the 3rd Party

We will not provide the personal information collected from the customers to 3rd party without the prior consent of the identified person, except for in the following situations which meet the exception in Article 23 of “Personal Information Protection Law”:

  • When provided for in laws and regulations.
  • When Kyowa Machine delegates some or all personal information within the scope necessary to fulfill the purpose of usage.
  • When personal information is provided in accordance with a merger or other reason for the succession of business.

7.Conformation and Correction of Personal Information

If the users would like to stop, amend or change the personal information which we collected from the customers, please fill in the attached “Disclosure, Amendment and Delete, etc. of personal information” file and send back to us. (If do not understand whom to send, please send to “about the personal information enquiries” by email.In additional, in order to confirm the request, there we may be contacts from us to the customers.

8.Observance and Improvement of Laws

We will observe laws and regulations to use personal information and improve it. The latest improvement will be express on this Privacy police.

April, 2016 Kyowa Machine Co., Ltd
If there is any question about the using of personal information, please use this mail form to contact us.