Basic Idea

「Manufacture Machines for Users」

Kyowa Machine
Provide excellent products and service to match customs’ demand.
Create independent technology and grow up continuously.
Be conscious of social responsibility and contribute to create a better society.
Aim at self-realization and train an active corporate culture.

Guideline and Vision

  • coinfo-nam-01.pngManufacture with innovative ideas

    Challenge custom’s variety of needs with engineer’s spirit. Pour power into the development of new technology with innovative ideas. In order to manufacture machines which are essential to users, challenge and work hard continuously.

  • coinfo-nam-02.pngStrengthening business constitution

    In order to response flexibly by utilizing the customer-oriented service and win in global competition, personnel strengthening is started. By the applying of new system, the business constitution is strengthened.

  • coinfo-nam-03.pngEcdysis from a simple manufacture factory

    Aim at changing from a simple manufacture factory into a total company which could provide products with high quality and good cost performance and variety of service.

  • coinfo-nam-04.pngCreate technology and develop business and product of identity.

    Focus on metal processing and control (information communication). Strive for the development of originality, identity and good earnings power for business, product and service.

  • coinfo-nam-05.pngTo become a self-revolution company

    Basing on business system, we work hard for self-revolution in all fields of corporate activities, such as organization of company, method of will decision and others. Employees aim at awareness and self-realization (finish what you need to finish). We would like to train an active corporate culture.